The Worst Travel Photo Fails

Our Worst Photo Fails

We live in a world where everyone is out to grab that insta worthy shot, that picture nobody else has and well, we only see the good ones of course.

Sometimes things just don’t work out to well and that snap you took, when you look back at it is just not what you expected.

I spent a few days organising photos and came across a few classics which didn’t quite work out.

We pride ourselves on not taking ourselves to serious and like a bit of a laugh so why not put our worst compilation of photos from our travels and have a giggle.

So here we go, here is a few of our travel photo fails

The Peak Hong Kong

One reason for our Hong Kong trip was to get to the Peak summit, the views over Hong Kong and the harbour i had heard about for years. We had this booked in for our last day, we figured it we be a good note to end the trip on.

Getting on the tram and mothers nature kicked in and the weather took a turn for the worse, a thick layer of fog settled in and upon arrival the only view we got was that of a grey murky cloud.

Believe it or not this was the best one we got from the trip.

the peak hong kong

Sealife In Bali

Having lunch one day in Jimbaran in Bali and being the only person in the restaurant. I got talking to the owner and was praising the freshness of the seafood i enjoyed (snapper i think) They told me they caught all there fish themselves and i was invited to jump aboard the boats to take a look.

We got out at sea and all of a sudden the amount of fish swimming around us was unreal. I snapped away and was delighted i got a shot of all these fish swimming around us. Well i thought so until i looked back over them at the hotel. It looked as if i had accidently taken a picture of the water.

bali sea travel photo fail

The Entrance Of The Constitutional Court Johannesburg

Whilst on a trip at constitutional hill on approaching the constitutional court the call from Michelle of that door is stunning make sure you get a good photo. Out came the camera and SNAP!!

Now as doors go it was a beautiful wood carved door and was stunning, however with the excitement of going to look round the court forced me into a rushed photo, i thought i nailed but clearly as you can see i didn’t and cut the top off.

constitutional court

Vinh Trang Temple Vietnam

This temple was part of our trip to the Mekong Delta .When we got into the temple and was in the presence of all the monks going through pray we thought it would be a great photo opportunity.

Even though we were allowed to take photos i felt as if I shouldn’t be disturbing the monks at this time. I rather quickly whipped the camera out for a quick snap resulting in this disaster. Maybe should of walked forward 1 metre in front of the pilons.

vinh trang temple

So there we have it our worst travel photo fails.

The one that really gets me is the Peak but its just a good excuse to get back to Hong Kong again soon.

Thanks for stopping by as always

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  1. Honestly, these photos are not bad at all; I’ve had my mishaps of photos being too blurry, crooked or, in the case of selfies, poorly-timed with awkward facial expressions, haha. You’re good!


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