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Zimbabwe Travel Advice & General Information

Here is a guide to some best Zimbabwe travel advice and general information, worth having on hand for any Zimbabwe trip or even for pre planning.

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The Capital city of Zimbabwe is Harare, located in the north east of the country.


The Population of Zimbabwe is 15.06 million with it’s most populated city being the capital Harare with a population of 3.1 million.

Time Zone

The time zone in Zimbabwe is GMT plus 2

Best Time To Go

Zimbabwe is an all year round destination. The Zambezi is a popular spot for water activities and rafting and this is best august and December because of lower lying river levels.

If you a fan of green, lush vegetation then December to May is your time. Known as the best botanical months.



Summer months are October to April, days are generally hot and sunny in the mornings and chances of possibly thunderstorms in the afternoon.

During the day temperatures can reach 30 C with a nightly temperature of around 14 C – 16 C.

Along the Zambezi and around Victoria Falls temperatures could generally be higher due to the lower lying area


In winter May to September, temperatures are generally dry and sunny with temperatures sitting around 20C during the day with a low of around 5 C at night time.

A perfect time to visit with better guarantee of weather, with a lot less rain.


USD is the main currency used in Zimbabwe. The South Africa Rand is often excepted in many places within in Zimbabwe.


The official language of Zimbabwe is English, however there are local indigenous languages spoken, such as Ndebele and Shona.


It is not compulsory but it is customary to tip in tourist regions of 10 to 15 % in restaurants or hotel bills and 10 % to persons who are for example taxi drivers, local guides or private drivers.


Please check with your GP and local authorities for further information, as such information can change.


With the amount of gadgets, phones, cameras and computers have the right adaptors is important.

Zimbabwe uses 220/240 Volts AC, with 3 pin 13 amp plugs.

Did You Know

Camouflage clothing is strictly banned in Zimbabwe with imposing fines and potential imprisonment for people wearing such attire. Please be aware


Hopefully this lends to some useful information for yourself to have on hand or when planning a Zimbabwe trip. For any further assistance more information can be obtained on the Zimbabwe Embassy Site and information page

I hope this Zimbabwe travel advice is of use to you.

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