Sweet Beat Cafe, Sligo, Ireland


Sweet Beat Cafe is a vegan, plant based cafe with it’s own eco retail shop in the heart of Sligo town center.

A place we found by accident a few years back, and have since regularly visited.

The cafe was awarded the prestigious McKenna’s award in there best of Ireland guides, one of many awards for this award winning business has won. It is also featured in our top coffee shops in Ireland post.


Located only moments from the center prescient of Sligo Town center

The Food

The food at Sweet Beat is always a hit my favourite has always been the Sweet Beat homemade beans with Sourdough and turmeric vehgan butter.

Equally such dishes like the Falafel Buddha bowl packed with goodness, featuring pickled cabbage, potato salad, turmeric and ginger grain salad, crunchy cucumber, fresh slaw and garlic yoghurt dressing.

Sweet Beat Buddha bowl
buddha Bowl Sweet Beat

Daily soups are always hearty and full of flavour and can be had on there own or added as a side to other dishes.

Organic cacao peanut butter cookies and lemon slice ms grace the treat counter, with many more options also available.

Finer Details

Opening Hours

7 Days 9am to 5pm


Sweet Beat Website


Sweet Beat Cafe, Bridge Street, Sligo, Ireland, F91 XV96


And Lastly

Although not a vegan myself I very much enjoy a wholesome meal and these plant based dishes certainly hit the spot.

People have been known to come from far and wide to sample these delights. So much so the shop has even added its own merchandise with beanies, t shirts and sweaters available for purchase.

The cafe is also a perfect location for when visiting the Glencar Waterfall with only a short 15 minute drive between them, although the waterfall is classed as being in Leitrim the borders are close.

Another interesting Sligo adventure would be the Caves of Keash. Located on the southern end of Sligo these caves are a fun family adventure and hike the views are out of this world on a clear day.

Another great find for our collection of cafes around the world, its certainly one we think highly of and rate it a one of the top.

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