Sunset Pictures From Our Travels

We have travelled to so many different and wonderful places, all having there own distinct and uniqueness about them. There is one thing we have found in all our travels no matter where we are, and that is a beautiful sunset. There is something so tranquil and relaxing about watching a sunset and capturing it in pictures.

We are going to use this page to display some of the beauties we have found so far on our journeys and upload more as we get them. So enjoy the sunset pictures collection.

Jimbaran Bali

Jimbarans Quaint Fishing Village

Jimbaran is a small fishing village just south of Kuta on the Island of Bali.

A beach front lined with the best fish restaurants who have the pick of the freshest fish direct from there front garden.

I remember feasting on fresh snapper taken only moments from sea, and occompanied by a selection of Indonesian salads and rice.

Jimbaran Bali


The sunsets here are remarkable, I love the few remaining fishing boats in the background in the photo above, and the deep dense cloud of which was probably a a tropical storm rolling in.

Roscommon Ireland

Irelands Midwest Farmlands

Roscommon is a rural and one of the smallest counties. Known for its vast amounts of farmland, cattle and beautiful landscape.

Roscommon, Ireland


It would only be fitting for this sunset to be across a field with cattle roaming around. Showing the beauty of the countryside.

Zambezi Zimbabwe

Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is the fourth largest river in Africa, and with a 550 kilometer stretch of it serving as a border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. One of it most popular aspects is that it links up to the wonder of the world the Victoria Falls.

Aboard the Zaambezi River


We took a sunset cruise aboard the Ra-Ikane River cruise. Sailing down the Zambezi with a beautiful clear night and ending with the final part of the cruise docked in the middle of the river to view this sublime sunset below.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is a network of tributaries in southwest Vietnam, between Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia. The Mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of southwestern Vietnam of over 40,500 square kilometres.

Mekong Delta Vietnam


This beautiful sunset on the mekong was breathtaking. the slow nature of the sail and the peace and quiet around from what is normally and fast and furious and overcrowded river.

Kilronan Castle

Kilronan Castle Estate

The Kilronan Castle Estate in Co Roscommon Ireland is a 40 acre piece of land on Lough Meelagh and since 2006 has been converted into a hotel and Spa.

With walkways through the castle grounds along rivers and walkways makes this area an extra special stay, or a place to visit during the day.

The lake at Kilronan Castle


Sunsets at Kilronan fall over Lough Meelagh and the river walk is the best point to see them and as you can see in the photo the sunset is just beautiful.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Located in New South Wales and only 1 hour from the border of Queensland and the Gold Coast, Byron Bay is a popular and buy tourist town.

Known for its white sandy beaches, surf schools and a backpackers paradise Byrom Bay is the perfect way to unwind.

Byron Bay has Australia’s most easterly point.

Byron Bay, Australia


Although the sun sets to the west on the east coast, Byron Bay is on a point and with this there are a few cove which look back out west like this one above.

The beautiful clear water and rainforest backdrop make this a perfect sunset.

Curio Bay New Zealand

Curio Bay

Located in the Catlins at the far south of the south island of New Zealand lies Curio Bay.

Curio Bay known for its large colony of yellow eyed penguins is a small village with breathtaking scenery.

Curio Bay
Curio Bay sunset


In between the two adjoining bays of Curio and Purpoise Bay is where your find the best sunset view, with it seeting perfectly behind the waters edge. Add its peaceful quiet setting makes for a perfect sunset.


Thanks for taking a look at our favourite sunset pictures from around the world on our travels. These have coome from some of our favourite destinations.

Enjoy some of these locations above ? Well come by our Blog page and check out a few of our destinations we have visited. A few to mention would be

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  1. Little Miss Traveller – England – An independent traveller writing about her visits to countries near and far - travel diaries and days out providing inspiration for fellow travellers
    Little Miss Traveller says:

    I love seeing a sunset too and you have captured these so well, thanks for sharing and hope you have a good week. Marion

    1. Thank you Marion appreciate it. Hope you have a great week too

  2. The “golden hour,” as it’s called, is truly one of the most-beautiful parts of the day, along with the sunrise. To experience the sun setting and the world going to sleep makes it such a tranquil and quiet time to enjoy while traveling.

    1. It certainly was a lot golden hours we have enjoyed and hope we see more soon.
      Thanks for coming by Rebecca

    1. Thank you we certainly loved appreciating them also

    1. Thank you Della and so do we there is something so relaxing about a good sunset

    1. And we love them too, we had great fun capturing them

    1. And so do we there is just something so captivating in a sunset
      Thanks Amber

    1. Zambezi is a personal favourite of mine such a perfect location

    1. Both are equally as beautiful and worth watching as much as possible

    1. I know right sunsets can be beautiful all over the world
      Thanks Carina

    1. Kilronan Castle is a great spot with fantastic grounds and sunsets.
      Thanks for coming by Vanessa

    1. We enjoyed the theme also and certainly enjoyed taking them thanks for coming by

    1. I would have to say the Zambezi River it was just magical to see in such a unique setting

    1. Thanks so much Tom and we certainly enjoyed capturing them all

    1. And we enjoyed taking them probably with cocktail in hand

  3. These are gorgeous and good enough to paint! I’d love to maybe use them in the future as painting reference. But I’ll, of course, let you know if I ever do.

    1. You are more than welcome Chloe anytime you wish we would be honoured

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    kasiawrites says:

    Gorgeous sunsets! No matter where you are, the sunsets don’t disappoint.

  5. I also enjoy sunsets in new places despite Western Australia always putting on a beautiful show. Bali has to be my favourite place in the world to see the sunset, especially with a cocktail in hand.

    1. The cocktail is mandatory and Bali certainly is a great place to enjoy a sunset or two

  6. I’m such a sucker for a sunset. These are all so beautiful and I love how even though they’re all a sunset, they all give off very different feels and vibes and atmospheres.

    1. Thanks Jenny we can certainly say we enjoyed them all also

  7. I love sunsets so much and could stare at them all day! It sounds like you have had some wonderful adventures and you have taken some beautiful photos and I bet it is a different experience everywhere you go to explore too. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Its great to see some from all over the world we are very lucky. Thanks for taking the time comment

  8. untilanotherday – Hey! My name is Kelly and I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger from the North West in the UK. I showcase my love for writing and makeup through my blog 😊
    untilanotherday says:

    Watching the sunset is one of my favourite things to do, especially on holiday! All of these shots are so beautiful x

    1. Isn’t it just great way to spend some time especially with a drink i hand

    1. We enjoyed writing it some great memories to look back on, thanks for checking it out

    1. Jimbaran is just a beautiful spot to visit and well the sunsets are amazing

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