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A Bathtub Cocktail In Hong Kong

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Whilst on a trip to Hong Kong we did our fair share of bar hopping, and if there is one thing Hong Kong does well that’s bars. One of best our best finds was ORIGIN Bar in Hong Kongs Central district. Did someone say a bathtub cocktail

Bar researching for cocktails

After a bit of research and looking at bars online we stumbled across a picture of a bathtub cocktail!! Yes that’s right a bathtub. Loving the unique nature and knowing the trendy bar scene in Hong Kong we jotted it down because we really wanted this experience and find out more.

Enter ORIGIN Bar

ORIGIN Bar a funky small and narrow venue, dark with dimmed lighting and very inviting, almost like a speakeasy but not hidden at the back of a launderette or up some secret stairs. It’s there for all to see.

Menu at ORIGIN Bar

The menu consisted of many contemporary cocktails with all combinations of Gins and other spirits. Being a gin bar, gin was obviously at the forefront but other options were available also.

The one item that stood out to me was the cocktail in the bathtub the one we had researched the “Kyoho Grape Bathtub” cocktail known as the bars signature cocktail and around around Hong Kong.

bathtub cocktail hong kong
The Kyoho Grape Bathtub

Delicious and moreish cocktail

It was a super smooth cocktail and very easy to drink, the fear was it would be to gimmicky but no it was well worth the visit. You can see in the photo below the glazed eyes and happy smile was after a fair few soaks in the tub.

Bathtub cocktail hong kong
Kyoho Grape Bathtub round 4

So that’s the story of how we drank out of a bathtub. A bathtub cocktail in Hong Kong is certainly not the usual thing to do. Do you have a unique coattail story to tell us? let us know below.

After all this drinking your need something to soak it all up and we have just the place Little bao in the Central District is the place to go and sample some share plates and a assortment of delicious baos.

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