Templetogher Mill, The Community Project

That heritage sign

For 2 years on the way to work I drove past a sign on the road which read heritage area. With a lack of time I never quite made it there. One sunny afternoon I had a hour to spare I decided to have a look at this site known as the site of the Templetogher Mill.


Located in County Galway but very close to the Roscommon border lies the town of Williamstown.

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Templetogher Mill

Templetogher Mill is the main feature of this heritage site and is a community restored corn mill, featuring a corn drying kiln nearby. The last family to run the mill was said to be the Egan family of millers, before falling to ruin.

The Mill

The mill itself is a three-bay, three-storey water mill, something that use to be popular of small rural mills in County Galway and it is great that in stayed in tact so well and with its restoration looks great, which is rare. The water wheel is still present on the mill.

The Water Wheel

The community restoration

Templetogher restoration came about from the Williamstown heritage society and this was known as there  flagship project and the centrepiece of there achievements has been Templetogher Mill and new Heritage Area. 

The walkway


First of all was to purchase the mill and adjacent lands from the previous owners. The mill was then in the hands of the local community.


The start was to conserve the building following which the wheel was reconstructed and is now turning once more. 

The kiln across the road has been restored while on the ground floor of the same building, a traditional forge has been developed.  The land adjacent to the mill was tidied up and native trees were planted. 

The Kiln


The restoration of the inner mill was then taken care of before the final stage in the development the restoration of the beautiful miller’s house. 

The miller’s cottage

Keeping with the local project local builders were used in the project in the restoration.

Ireland history and heritage

Since being in Ireland the heritage and history of this country is just everywhere to be seen.

We have visited some amazing sites like Roscommon Castle ruins, Clifden Castle and Lough Rynn Castle. See the history behind the Kilala round tower and it’s use during the French Rebellion We have even found out some great historical stories like how Cindy the elephant came to be buried in Castlerea.

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  1. NortheastAllie – For generations, my family has lived in the Philadelphia area, and my writing reflects these influences. This blog explores perspectives on life, encouragement, travel, health, and local living.
    NortheastAllie says:

    Beautiful historic mill!

  2. Looks like a simple building, but what a long and rich history it has! Must’ve been nice to have explored Templetogher Mill, especially in sunny weather!

  3. What a charming mill. It was lovely to read about the restoration project – it’s fantastic when a community gets together to conserve the history of their local area. Great that they got the wheel turning again!

  4. My great great grandfather worked in a mill in Northern England before emigrating to America. That mill has also been restored (it’s now condos), and I had a chance to visit it a few years ago. So naturally my ears genetically perk up when I hear “mill”. Nice story about this one.

    1. They did didn’t they and should be applauded for there achievements

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