Costello Memorial Chapel, Smallest in Europe

A quick and short post today which is very fitting for this landmark in Carrick on Shannon.

The smallest chapel in Europe

Situated in the heart of Carrick on Shannon Town lies the smallest Chapel in Europe and the second smallest in the world the by the name of Costello Memorial Chapel.

At only sixteen feet long by twelve foot wide, the Chapel only covers an area of 192 feet. Yes it’s tiny.

Costello Memorial Chapel


The story of the chapel

This fascinating little chapel was erected by Edward Costello and is to mark his devotion to his wife, who unfortunately passed in 1877 at the now slender age of 46. Mr Costello, a farmer near Carrick moved to the town in the early 1800’s and set himself up in business.

When his wife passed, Mary Josephine, he got to work on the memorial Chapel in her honour and proceeded with getting it started. It was moving gesture and a show of love and also a last resting place for his wife and himself.

Inside the Chapel

It was dedicated on Aprill 22, 1879 and after the consecration ceremony, Mrs Costello body was placed in a sunken space just inside and to the left of the entrance, and was covered with a slab of specially made glass. The body, had been embalmed when Mrs Costello died, and had been cared for in the interim by the marist nuns.

Mr Costello passing

2 years after Mary Josephie passed, Mr Costello himself died in early March 1891, and likewise his remains also in a metal coffin were placed in a sunken space to the right of the entrance. Again a thick glass lid was placed over this vault too.

Mass was actually celebrated in this chapel on every first Friday of the month from the time of its consecration to Mr Costello’s death, but ever since no religious service has taken place in it since. The Costello Memorial chapel now lies tucked in between two more recent buildings in the heart of town.

Some more info on the chapel

So where is the smallest chapel in the world

So the costello memorial chapel is the second smallest in the world where is the smallest?

The smallest chapel in the world is the ‘The Living Water Wayside Chapel’ located in the Niagara region of the U.S.A and is known in the Guiness book Of Records as being the smallest in the world covering just 78 feet, Making this more than half the size of the Costello Memorial Chapel.

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  1. Certainly a world record, certainly a beauty all the same!

    1. It is beautiful and great it has survived this long especially in the heart of town

    1. All in the name of love, I’m glad it has survived the development of the town

  2. Seems like its a much smaller version of the Taj Mahal in India 0 both built as ,memorials and resting places of well loved wives. …. from the biggest to the smallest of burial sites. Its amazing that it still survives.

    1. I know isn’t it great and to be right inbthe heart of the town and survive is incredible

  3. NortheastAllie – For generations, my family has lived in the Philadelphia area, and my writing reflects these influences. This blog explores perspectives on life, encouragement, travel, health, and local living.
    NortheastAllie says:

    That is a beautiful chapel and history with it as well.

    1. It’s bang in the centre of town you can miss it, crazy to see it with all the development around it. I should actually get a photo from a bit further back and put it in

  4. I was about to say that it’s a similar story to the Taj Mahal and can see Barry said the same. Definitely something to visit in the area.

  5. What an intriguing gem you found in Europe’s smallest chapel. Love that the Costello Memorial Chapel still remains all these years later. And what an endearing story and tribute to his wife.

  6. This might be the smallest chapel in Europe but Costello Memorial Chapel is beautiful. I enjoyed reading the history behind Costello Memorial Chapel – I always seek out cemeteries on our travels, I find them fascinating.

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