Banana and Blueberry Bread

Table of contentsBanana and Blueberry BreadRecipe Banana and Blueberry Bread Swerving away from actual travel to bring a tempting and lovely Banana Blueberry Bread recipe. Being a chef myself i think its time to start sharing a few recipes from my travels. A lovely moist guilt free recipe from my time in Australia at a…… Continue reading Banana and Blueberry Bread

Banh Xeo ( Vietnamese Rice Cake) Recipe

Table of contentsBánh XèoMeaningWhere To EatIngredients For Bánh XèoCrepeFillingMethod Bánh Xèo We have decided to start posting a few recipes from local dishes around the world I have picked up over my travels. Being a chef myself I love picking up new and fresh ideas and first up we will go with the Vietnamese pancake…… Continue reading Banh Xeo ( Vietnamese Rice Cake) Recipe