Healthy Granola Recipe

Table of contentsWhat Is GranolaOur Favourite BreakfastThe Recipe What Is Granola Granola is a breakfast item consisting of rolled oats normally mixed with a sweetener like say honey or a syrup and normally nuts. This mix is then slowly baked in the oven making it crunchy. And that is where the fun begins as once…… Continue reading Healthy Granola Recipe

Simple Thai Style Sauce

The Ingredients

Table of contentsA run downTipsThe Recipe A run down Short on time well this simple Thai style sauce i make is as easy and as quick as it can be. We use it a Thai stir fry sauce but even a great base sauce for for many a oriental dish’s. And it really is so…… Continue reading Simple Thai Style Sauce

Banana and Blueberry Bread

Table of contentsBanana and Blueberry BreadRecipe Banana and Blueberry Bread Swerving away from actual travel to bring a tempting and lovely Banana Blueberry Bread recipe. Being a chef myself i think its time to start sharing a few recipes from my travels. A lovely moist guilt free recipe from my time in Australia at a…… Continue reading Banana and Blueberry Bread

Banh Xeo ( Vietnamese Rice Cake) Recipe

Table of contentsBánh XèoMeaningWhere To EatIngredients For Bánh XèoCrepeFillingMethod Bánh Xèo We have decided to start posting a few recipes from local dishes around the world I have picked up over my travels. Being a chef myself I love picking up new and fresh ideas and first up we will go with the Vietnamese pancake…… Continue reading Banh Xeo ( Vietnamese Rice Cake) Recipe

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