Angel share

Learning the Angel’s Share in whiskey making

A speakeasy not easy to find

When we visited Hong Kong we found a little speakeasy online situated up a tiny elevator stairwell. Now I say find it, it took almost 30 minutes of trying to open doors and asking people to finally find it. Even the street seller 20 metres down the road had no idea.

Enter the Angel Share Bar

After a elevator ride that reminded me of the Tower of Terror at Disneyland. W entered a corridor with a door which opened up in what we can only describe as a 1950s cigar bar.

Perfect Setting

It’s dim lights, comfy couches and sleek exterior mad for the perfect setting. The most impressive back bar full of bottles and bottles of whiskey from all over the world.

The Angel’s share

Hard to choose what to have the bartender came over and went through the menu, found out our palettes and suggested some drinks. Whilst picking his brain for a while the question came up why is the bar called Angel’s Share ?

So the story of Angel’s Share was told, here is a run down of it. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, the Angels have to have there share as well. This Share is the total amount of distilled spirits that gets lost to evaporation out of the barrel or cask into the air as the ageing process of the whiskey continues. Therefore the Angel’s share was invented.

Angel Share no more

Unfortunately since our visit Angel Share is no more. Maybe it’s the difficulty in finding or maybe the wrong vibe who knows all I know is I loved it and the experience was not only great but a learning curve into whiskey.

The Instagram page is still live take a look for yourselves at this great trendy cocktail bar.

More Hong Kong food and drink

We had some great food and drink adventures around Hong Kong with visits to the ORIGIN Gin bar in the central district where we drank out out of bathtubs, thats right bathtubs catch our ORIGIN post.

Some great food destinations around this amazing city none other than Little Bao and many more from our Hong Kong Food and Drink Guide.

A Bathtub Cocktail In Hong Kong

Bar hopper couple

Whilst on a trip to Hong Kong we did our fair share of bar hopping, and if there is one thing Hong Kong does well that’s bars. One of best our best finds was ORIGIN Bar in Hong Kongs Central district. Did someone say a bathtub cocktail

Bar researching for cocktails

After a bit of research and looking at bars online we stumbled across a picture of a bathtub cocktail!! Yes that’s right a bathtub. Loving the unique nature and knowing the trendy bar scene in Hong Kong we jotted it down because we really wanted this experience and find out more.

Enter ORIGIN Bar

ORIGIN Bar a funky small and narrow venue, dark with dimmed lighting and very inviting, almost like a speakeasy but not hidden at the back of a launderette or up some secret stairs. It’s there for all to see.

Menu at ORIGIN Bar

The menu consisted of many contemporary cocktails with all combinations of Gins and other spirits. Being a gin bar, gin was obviously at the forefront but other options were available also.

The one item that stood out to me was the cocktail in the bathtub the one we had researched the “Kyoho Grape Bathtub” cocktail known as the bars signature cocktail and around around Hong Kong.

The Kyoho Grape Bathtub

Delicious and moreish cocktail

It was a super smooth cocktail and very easy to drink, the fear was it would be to gimmicky but no it was well worth the visit. You can see in the photo below the glazed eyes and happy smile was after a fair few soaks in the tub.

Kyoho Grape Bathtub round 4

So that’s the story of how we drank out of a bathtub. A bathtub cocktail in Hong Kong is certainly not the usual thing to do. Do you have a unique coattail story to tell us? let us know below.

After all this drinking your need something to soak it all up and we have just the place Little bao in the Central District is the place to go and sample some share plates and a assortment of delicious baos.

Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland In Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong,who wouldn’t want to go ? we did so we bought single-day passes to Disneyland as we felt it was more than enough time to spend at this particular park and off we went.

We had been to Disneyland in California a couple of years back and felt a few days was hardly long enough to fully experience all that park had to offer. Hong Kong’s Disneyland was much smaller and far less busy and I mean far less busy so we got around all the rides we wanted and watched any shows we wished in not even the full day.

It certainly was a smaller park, although we did notice the layout was very similar to the California one. It did still have the same amazing vibe as the other Disney resorts and we thoroughly enjoyed our day spent wandering from one ride to the next. However I would say it was a bit underwhelming being in a larger Disney prior. So maybe as a starter Disney would be a preference here.

The Rides @ Disneyland Hong Kong

Hyperspace Mountain formerly known as Space Mountain. Incorporating the Star Wars storyline this indoor rollercoaster has all the thrills, twists and turns that you want from a rollercoaster.

Tip: Avoid the queues use your first fast pass on this because this is where the biggest queues are.

Iron man Experience was a great 3D motion simulation ride which we enjoyed a lot it really is amazing what they can do now.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine cars is fast, exciting with an abundance of twists and turns. One to do before eating maybe. There is a surprise thrown in there also but I wont be a spoiler.

RC Racer is like the old school pirate ship rides minus the pirate ship and in a car. The U shaped track fires you up and down and lightning speeds and again maybe one to do before lunch.

There are plenty more attractions, available in Disneyland. My advice is try them all.

Disney Hotel

If you want to make an overnight stay and do the park in two days there are 3 Disney themed hotels to choose from there is Disneyland Hotel, Hollywood Hotel and Explorers Lodge

We stayed in the city and travelled out for the day. Maybe Tripadvisor may give some insight to which one is best.

Getting There

We used the MTR from Mongkok, after a change you can get on a special Disney train (pictured below). Alternately travel by car, bus, uber or maybe have a chat with your hotel concierge as they may offer a service themselves.

We did find the MTR great fun though and added a little extra excitement to the journey.

MTR to Disneyland!


We would certainly give it a thumbs up for a great family day out. Like we said if you been to California Disney or even Orlando it probably wont be the same but we would give it a go anyway.

Final Tip: We went end of January and it was very quiet and we hardly had to queue anywhere. So maybe this is a great time to see it.

Disneyland Prices are fairly reasonable and can be booked in advance.

Coming back to the city after a fun day check out some great food spots in the city to refuel.

The Best Things To Do In Macau For A Day


Macau is a region on the southern coast of China in the southern Guangdong province.

Located 60km from Hong Kong and 160km from Guangzhou the capital of Guangdong province.

History Of Macau

In 1887 the city of Macau become Portuguese colony however the first sight of Portugese influence came in 1557 when Macau was leased to Portugal as a trading post in exchange for a annual rent.

Macau stayed in Chinese hands until the 1887 takeover by the Portuguese. In 1999 it was handed back by China and was the last European territory in Asia to be handed back.

Our Day Trip To Macau

Macau is a very interesting place to visit so if it isn’t on your agenda (yet!) for your trip to Hong Kong, I urge you to reconsider. Macau can be easily accessed from Hong Kong and a day trip is sufficient to get a good taste of what it has to offer. Although Macau is part of China, it has different laws and is governed independently. Therefore, gambling is legal in Macau, and as soon as you enter the glitzy main strip of the city, it becomes very apparent why it is nicknamed the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, or the Cotai Strip after the naming of the Vegas strip.

However, one mustn’t assume that this is all Macau has to offer. There are some incredible places of historical interest and an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Macau which are MUST see locations if you are planning a trip here.

Getting To Macau From Hong Kong

 The ferry from Hong Kong to Macau took about an hour. We were advised to get to the ferry terminal early as the ferries can be very busy and become booked out and we were glad we did when we saw how hectic the terminal was. The ferries go between the two areas frequently so there are lots of options of when to travel but if you intend to just do a day trip, make sure you get on a morning ferry (or at least get to the terminal a little earlier than you wish to depart) as you may miss out on the ferry you want.

The ferry we got was very nice. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort and facilities on-board. The seating was all indoors, there were good toilet facilities and there was the option of ordering food and drinks while we travelled.

Tip: Remember you are travelling to a different country so you MUST take your passport to be allowed entry to Macau and re-entry to Hong Kong.

On our arrival at the terminal in Macau, we decided to avail of a free shuttle service provided by the casinos. The shuttle buses are all lined up at a collection point outside the ferry terminal, each bus clearly decorated with its aligned casino. We had examined a map before our trip and decided on the area we wished to start our day so took the shuttle to the casino that was closest to that point. Before we disembarked the shuttle at the casino, we checked the times for pick up later in the day to ensure we would be back at the terminal in time for our return ferry.

Ferry Options

As we were in Hong Kong, as stated above we took the option to travel by ferry. The ferry takes between 45 – 60 minutes weather depending. We used Turbojet and found them excellent.

You can arrive on the day as there are many of companies operating throughout the day. Ferries leave both sides many times a hour and never short of ferry.

The Best Things To Do In Macau


The casinos are a major drawcard for people when visiting Macau and its city of dreams. Even if you are not interested in gambling, the buildings and infrastructure in these amazing creations alone is enough to tempt anyone in! There are many of the same casinos in Macau that you see in Las Vegas; Wynn, Venetian, and MGM to name but a few. We spent hours wandering through the shops, restaurants and bars in the Wynn alone! We were even lucky enough to catch the spectacular water show that takes place in the fountain at the front of the hotel every 15 minutes throughout the day. This is a spectacular performance of music, lights, water and fire to captivate you, running for about 3 minutes each show. Although it is a shorter and smaller version of the show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, this is certainly something to watch out for.

Tip: Try to catch the show after dark to be able fully appreciate the special effects.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

The Ruins of St Paul’s is part of the Historic Centre of Macau which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and certainly should not be missed on a trip to Macau. We decided to walk to this location from where the shuttle bus had dropped us, which took us about an hour of strolling through the city and meandering up and down beautiful streets to reach our destination. This is our favourite way to explore a new city with the possibility of stumbling across some hidden gems along the way!

The approach to the incredible location of St. Paul’s is of beautifully cobbled, narrow laneways which open up to a vast and demanding vision at the top of an immense set of stairs. It was truly breathtaking once we reached the foot of the steps and although it was a busy place, it felt peaceful at the same time.

The structure itself is incredible, in the fact alone that it is still standing. The front wall is all that is left of this once magnificent building! Behind this wall, there is a beautiful and informative lament of the history of St. Paul’s from its initial days to its current state.

The sacred feel this incredible structure contributes to a bustling and modern region of Macau is one not to be missed and certainly added dimension to our overall visit to this part of the world.

Senado Square

Another part of the Historic Centre of Macau is Senado Square. This part of the city is visually striking and would stop you in your tracks simply to appreciate the aesthetic quality it adds to such a busy area. While locals dashed across the waves of mosaic art on the square below them, I couldn’t help but be enveloped by it calming presence.

This picturesque Portuguese paving, today, is for pedestrian traffic only. The square itself is enclosed mainly by buildings of European architecture making it a photographer’s dream. The complimentary colours on the paving alongside the magnificent European constructions, make this the perfect place for an afternoon stroll while exploring all the laneways have to offer.


 The Portuguese influence in Macau is not only evident in the architecture of this diverse city but also has a heavy influence on the cuisine of the region. There are some local specialities that you shouldn’t go past on your day in Macau if you want an authentic flavour experience.

The two things that stood out to us while we wandered through the streets of Macau were the Portuguese custard tarts and the almond cookies. Vendors on almost every street corner were singing the praises of their offerings and had free samples to tempt us in. The crumbly, buttery-ness of the almond cookies made it impossible for us to resist purchasing a box and the ‘freshly baked’ smell of the custard tarts meant we overindulged and didn’t need dinner that night (oops!!). The hustle and bustle on the narrow laneways heaving with freshly cooked savoury snacks as well as the waft of baked delights added to the overall experience and excitement of exploring this part of the city.


Earlier in the day we had lunch in one of the Wynn casino’s restaurants. There are so many restaurants to choose from, ranging from casual and café dining to fine dining. We took our time wandering through the casino enjoying the architecture and décor as we explored all the options.

We eventually settled on a casual noodle restaurant. One side of the restaurant specialised in flavours from the North of China and the other on flavours from the South. This was an interesting concept and had lots of menu options that intrigued us. After much deliberation, (don’t leave this decision until you are super hungry as there are LOTS of eateries to choose from!!), we decided on the South’s cuisine and choose a couple of noodle dishes accompanied with delicious sides and toppings. We were really satisfied with our choice as it was a little different from the type of cuisine we had been eating in Hong Kong.

After all that reminiscing, I think I better leave it there or you may need to considering staying the night in Macau! This certainly is a day well spent for anyone considering whether or not to include it in their Hong Kong itinerary. There is such diversity in the activities and points of interest in this city that I feel it would cater to the curiosities of a variety of travellers.

I think next time we would stay in Macau, maybe a night or two and see what the glamour and glitz of the cotai has to offer after dark.

Thanks for stopping by come by and reading Macau day trip. Come check out our Hong Kong category below for more tips

Hong Kong Tips

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Hong Kong Things To Do

What We Got Up to In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is full of amazing activities and is a city with an abundance of options for any age group or interest. We travelled to this city in January and were not very lucky with the weather we got but we certainly made the most of it. Over the 4 days we spent here, we experienced a variety of attractions but still have a few things we would try on another visit as the weather hampered some of the things we had planned to do…perfect excuse for another trip right?!! So here its is Hong Kong Adventures


We decided to buy single-day passes to Disneyland and felt it was more than enough time to spend at this particular park. We had been to Disneyland LA a couple of years back and felt a few days was hardly long enough to fully experience all that park had to offer. Hong Kong’s Disneyland was much smaller and far less busy so we got around all the rides we wanted and watched any shows we wished in the one day. It certainly was a smaller park but still had the same amazing vibe as the other Disney resorts and we thoroughly enjoyed our day spent wandering from one ride to the next.

Tip: Take the MTR to the Disney station to get in the mood. The train is Disney themed with Mickey Mouse shaped windows and Mickey’s white gloves to hold onto for balance…so cute!

MTR to Disneyland!

The Peak Hong Kong

 Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong island and is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. On the day we were going to visit The Peak, it was extremely overcast. Due to our limited time in the city, we chose to go along anyway knowing the views would possibly be obstructed by cloud. We purchased our tickets on the day of our visit at the base of the attraction, so could have easily rescheduled if we had the luxury of more time.

We took the very steep and exciting vernacular up to the peak. This was a fun way to see the city as we crept our way up the side of the mountain. On reaching the end of the line, there were shops and cafes to browse through and relax in, while we waited (in vain!) for the clouds to clear. There was also the option to go out onto the balcony area to see the view and take some amazing photos…we will have to try again on our next trip I think!

Not the best view but a taste of what you could see on the way up to the peak.

There were lots of fun things to do inside the building at the top of the Peak especially for kids (like us, easily entertained) or for a day of low visibility as there were some great photo opportunities and clever props.

Tip: Sit on the right-hand side of the vehicle on the way up and the left on the way down for the best views of the city.

The Peak can be reached by taking the Peak Tram, by foot or private transfer. The tram can be easily accessed by foot from the MTR’s Central station meaning a taxi or private transport is not necessary.

Hong Kong Park

Instead of taking the tram to The Peak, we decided to walk from Central station to explore a little more of the city and were glad we did. As we wandered in the direction of The Peak, we walked through a beautiful garden, Hong Kong Park.

The gardens had some beautiful lily ponds, a greenhouse, playgrounds, a restaurant and an aviary. We enjoyed watching the turtles dipping and diving in the water as we meandered along the paths…a perfect way to entertain the kiddies too! The Olympic Square is also located at Hong Kong Park and is an interesting place to sit for a rest along the walk. It is an elaborate clearing within this Park and even a great spot for a picnic.

Symphony of Lights

This dazzling exhibition of searchlights, LED screens, lasers and lighting is certainly one not to be missed. The sky over Victoria Harbour is alive each night with an incredible display of colour and music. Buildings on both sides of the harbour (Hong Kong island and Kowloon) work together to produce this spectacular nightly event. Although you can catch glimpses of the light show from many areas throughout the city, there are certain vantage points near the harbour with the best views, if this is something you are interested in seeing clearly. You can also take a cruise to watch the show unfold from the water or sip a cocktail from one of the many rooftop bars around the harbour to get the view from a different angle. An orchestra performed the soundtrack that accompanies the show each night and this can be heard nightly from 8pm in designated areas.

Tip: Download the show’s mobile app to tune into the soundtrack from anywhere you like…perfect if you wish to watch the show from a cocktail bar instead of standing outside on the harbour.

Ladies Market

If grabbing a bargain or working on your haggling skills is something that tickles your fancy, then these markets are a must. Running every day of the week, this huge stretch of market stalls houses everything from t-shirts to chopsticks and all varieties of interesting souvenirs in between. As it is located in the Mong Kok region of the city, we were lucky enough to be able wander through these markets on a few different occasions as they were only a street or two from our hotel. We found the atmosphere here very different earlier in the day than it was at night and would recommend visiting during both time periods to experience all this market has to offer.

Big Buddha

Unfortunately, due to the weather and our whirlwind stop in Hong Kong, we did miss out on this attraction. We heard amazing things about this elaborate bronze statue and will certainly be making it a priority on our next visit.

It seems that half the fun of visiting this widely-recognised landmark is the means in which it can be reached. You can choose to climb the many (268!!) steps or take a cable car to get a closer look at this amazing statue and indeed for a better appreciation of the sweeping mountains and sea views below

Opposite is the Po Lin Monastery which is apparently another hidden gem in this lush mountainous sanctuary. Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon when staying in a hustling city such as Hong Kong…nothing like a tranquil break to help you appreciate such a diverse part of the world.

Fancy reading some other Hong Kong Posts check them out below




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Hong Kong Eat & Drink

Hong Kong Where To Eat

Hong Kong is widely known for its delectable food and abundance of Michelin star restaurants. This being said, you certainly don’t have to break the bank to experience top notch eateries in this city of culinary diversity. As we love to explore everything a new country has to offer in terms of cuisine, we were spoilt for choice in Hong Kong. We had some of the most memorable food and beverage experiences on this trip and I am excited to share some tips and hidden treasures with you in this guide for where to eat in Hong Kong.

Casual Dining

Little Bao

This little gem is a local’s hotspot and a MUST if visiting Hong Kong. A small venue with a modest shop front in the SoHo district, it is without doubt, a quirky restaurant we would highly recommend. We tried a number options on the menu as we returned for a second visit…not something we often do on holidays but this was well worth breaking tradition for! The bao’s themselves are a no-brainer – but the fact that the bao buns are fresh and are made onsite, added a little extra deliciousness! We tried most of the bao options on the menu (over two days!) but the most noteworthy in our opinion were the Szechuan Fried Chicken, Pork Belly and Fish Tempura.

Everything on the share menu looked like indulgence on a plate but we (eventually) decided on the loaded Truffle Fries and battered crust, Szechuan spice Hot Chicken and were not disappointed. This restaurant also had a trendy drinks list to match the funky and inviting atmosphere. The perfect location for a casual lunch or a trendy dinner with friends.

Tip 1: Due to its size and limited seating, be prepared to wait as this is a restaurant in high demand, but worth every second for those mouth-watering eats.

Tip 2: Little Bao opens for lunch and dinner every day, but be sure to check opening times on the day you intend to visit as times varies on the weekend.

Greenhouse Hong Kong

Another funky find and perfect for lunch or larger groups of friends, this restaurant offers a Western twist on Asian cuisine. Located in the vibrant Times Square region of the city, Green House offers an energetic and inviting atmosphere matched only by it’s amazing food and beverage options. We opted for some authentic meals but the choice was not an easy one as everything looked delicious. As the quality of ingredients is of the utmost importance at this venue, I think any decision would be a good one.

Tip: This restaurant is tucked away on one of the higher levels in the shopping mall so look up the mall’s directory for its exact location not to miss out.

The Garage Bar

We were lucky enough to have this trendy dinner option on our doorstep as it was located on one of the outdoor balcony areas of our hotel (Cordis Hotel). Home to two converted vintage vans, this venue catered to our casual dining needs. The food van combined Western food truck favourites with traditional Asian flavours while the drink van had an extensive supply of local and international craft beers as well as wines and soft drinks. Nibbling on hand cut chips and burgers made to order, sipping cold beers and chilled wine under the stars, floors above this vibrant city was the perfect finish to a day spent exploring.

Upmarket Restaurants


Located on the same street in SoHo as Little Bao, this restaurant is perfect for a night out with friends or a cosy dinner for two due to its share-style philosophy. This appropriately named venue, knows exactly how to pick, prepare and cook a vast selection of meat cuts to intrigue and satisfy even the fussiest of diners, a chef! We had the most amazing night here browsing their inventive menu, selecting a couple of plates at a time and being amazed by the presentation and flavours presented to us on the arrival of our dishes. Meals such as pate with brioche bread, chicken wings, and croquettes were delectably cooked and irresistibly presented. For a noteworthy meal, this venue is unquestionably one to put on the list.

Top 3 Bar Picks


Known for my cocktail obsession, I was in total heaven in Hong Kong. On an after-dinner wander through the busy streets of the city, we were lucky enough to stumble across this award-winning cocktail bar. Deceiving because of the understated façade, stepping into this venue felt like falling down a rabbit hole into a cocktail wonderland.

The tantalising aromas and intricate presentations that were immediately evident, added to the overall trendy vibe of this hot haunt. With tempting options such as Marshmallow Duo, Lavender Meringue Pie and Off with Their Heads, we were spoilt for choice. And you won’t go wrong with an old favourite either (I can’t go past an Espresso Martini), as we found perfection in the original combinations too. With such an extensive cocktail list, inventive garnishes and clever presentations, it’s no surprise that this bar has been listed in the top 50 in the world more than once!

Although there were also very tempting snack options available, our wish list consisted only of beverages so I’m afraid I can’t give any recommendations in that area!

Tip: Take a seat at the bar to fully experience the innovative and complex processes involved in creating these incredible drinks!


If being the first gin-focused bar in Hong Kong isn’t enough of a reason for you to run straight to this bar, then allow me entice you even further. Featured on Asian’s 50 best bars list in 2016, the interesting combinations of flavours and quirky delivery made it an easy decision to include this bar on our list. The KGB cocktail served in a bathtub complete with a rubber ducky, is not only great Instagram material but divine to drink! We sampled a few different gin based cocktails (it would have been rude not to!), as we nibbled on the delicious complimentary chips and were equally impressed with every one!

Tip: Make sure to pay a visit to the toilets here before you leave…hint – it gives a whole new meaning to the word BATH-room!

Angel Share

Think funky, speakeasy whisky bar complete with 1920’s décor and an impeccable whiskey offering, and you are halfway to picturing this amazing venture. After quite some time searching the back streets for the inconspicuous entrance, we eventually enquired with a street vendor and were put on the right track. On level 2 of a very unremarkable building, the concept of a speakeasy bar came to life for us. As the elevator doors opened, we were transported to an era of leather loungers, dim lighting and expertly fermented whiskys.

Although the menu offered over 100 different whiskys, we opted for a couple of cocktails. The names and descriptions of the cocktails alone were like stories passed down for generations and gave the sense of thoroughly considered combinations and well-thought-out presentations. The Mango Walk and Jaffa Old Fashioned certainly reflected this and are among some of the best cocktails we have ever had!

Tip: This venue is also a restaurant so it could be worth researching the menu and making a night of it.

And Finally

As I sit here thumbing through photographs and reminiscing on some of our all-time favourite bars and restaurants, I struggle not to jump online and book flights straight back to this incredible city!

I really hope this post can be of assistance to anyone planning a trip to Hong Kong or on the lookout for some interesting eats or trendy hangouts. We love sharing our tips and suggestions with you and thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you would like to see what we will be covering next in our Hong Kong series, pop over to our Instagram page for some sneak peeks throughout the week.

But for now that’s all thanks for stopping by and reading.

Richard and Michelle

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Hong Kong First Impressions

Hong Kong Adventures

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Hong Kong First Impressions

Hong Kong First Impressions

Although we now live in Australia, Richard and I are from England and Ireland respectively. Both our families live in Europe so we try to visit as often as we can; taking advantage of the different stop over options is an added bonus!

The last time we flew home, we went with a different airline and therefore took an alternate route, and extended our stopover in Hong Kong.

We spent 4 days in this amazing and diverse city and were left wanting more. The city has so much to offer that we didn’t feel we had enough time to explore everything…I can safely say another trip is inevitable! But here are our first impressions of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong streets

The City

Being our first experience of this city, we were interested to learn of its fragmented composition. The city itself is made up of three main parts, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, connected by a network of bridges and a subway system.


Kowloon is the largest and most northerly of these islands. It has a huge diversity of culinary and aesthetic delights ranging from designer shops and expensive bars to authentic markets and interesting backstreets.

It is connected to Hong Kong Island by an underground train system (MTR) or via the ferry across Victoria Harbour.

Hong Kong Isaland

Hong Kong Island is where the original settlers of this region called home. It is now considered the city’s financial and business centre and where you can find an abundance of restaurants, bars and shopping outlets. Pop into the SoHo district to experience the upmarket boutiques, funky bars and decadent restaurants, while a trip to Times Square will certainly satisfy your shopping cravings.

Getting Around

As we generally like to play it safe when we first arrive in a new city, and we hadn’t arranged transport in advance, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Uber was available. We used this service to get to our hotel before we got our bearings and braved the public transport.

Once we were settled in at the hotel, we quickly realised that the best way to get around the city (and from one island to another), was via the subway system (the MTR). We purchased reloadable travel cards at the station and, with a little assistance from the help desk, we had our network maps in hand and were on our way.

There is an initial cost for the travel cards but you get this back on returning your card. The MTR was very easy to use and had a huge number of stations throughout Hong Kong making all regions very accessible.

MTR to Disneyland!

Tip:  It did get VERY busy at rush hour, so if personal space is important to you, perhaps avoid the subway during this time!


We researched accommodation options ourselves with very little knowledge of the city and what the different regions were all about.

We stayed at the incredible Cordis Hotel in Kowloon during our visit.

Cordis Hotel

This hotel was amazing and the services available were faultless. It had a huge swimming pool with wonderful facilities; pool bar, food options, towel provisions, fully equipped shower and dressing rooms, not to mention the plush sun loungers and day beds dotted around the pool.

Hotel Facilities

The onsite spa was something of dreams and had as many beauty items on the menu as it did massages and relaxing treatments…heaven!

We decided to pay for the club lounge inclusion, something we hadn’t done before but will absolutely be doing from now on! Access to the club lounge had many benefits:

  • we could avail of the buffet breakfast in the lounge each morning and avoid the queues in the main breakfast room
  • each evening the lounge served complimentary tapas style food alongside an open bar
  • there was a champagne happy hour before we went out for dinner each night!
  • later, the buffet area was turned into a dessert heaven, and complimentary cocktails were served as the perfect night cap
  • the lounge was also open ALL DAY and had teas, coffees and soft drinks available as well as light snacks

It was without a doubt, worth the upgrade.

View from club lounge

The service we received from the moment we stepped inside this hotel was impeccable. Each member of staff we encountered was extremely helpful and they were always willing to assist in any way they could.

We even had different staff members sit with us as we had our evening drinks and eagerly share their tips and suggestions about the city.

Tip:  For any foodies out there, be sure to check out the Michelin star restaurant inside the Cordis Hotel…Ming Court, yum!

Hotel Location

The hotel was also connected internally to a gigantic shopping mall with endless shopping, food and entertainment options, giving you more choices than you could possibly need under one roof!

The location of this hotel was ideal for us and perfect for anyone wanting to explore this city. We were only a stone’s throw from the nearest MTR station and a few streets from the Lady’s Markets, which are definitely worth a visit.

As this district of Hong Kong isn’t quite as developed as Hong Kong Island, staying here allowed us experience the authentic vibe of the interesting backstreets and get an insight into the true culture of this area.


Wow, even looking back over these photos makes me want to jump straight on a plane!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our post. We are so excited to be sharing this adventure with you..

Check back in to hear all about the culinary delights and hidden treasures we experienced on this trip as take the Hong Kong food Journey with us

We hope to see you again soon.

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