2020 Travel Roundup

2020 Travel Roundup

2020 a year like no other,  a year the travel industry shut down but regardless with ploughed on with our site and took time to really go back over our past trips and share around our favourite experiences from past years. And here we have our 2020 travel roundup

A couple of things we took from the year was to appreciate our own surroundings, we have travelled the globe but often forgot what was right here on our doorstep. We have seen such places like Glencar Waterfall Day Trip, Mote Park Roscommon, Killala Bay (a quick stop off), Roscommon Castle Ruins, Lough Rynn Castle (Walk Round The Grounds) and Lough Key Forest Park We had planned more but lockdowns had put a halt to that.

We did get to England early on in the year and saw the stunning Swanbourne Lake Arundel West Sussex a real gem in West Sussex.

Secondly was going back over old trips and reminiscing and writing about them and enjoyed looking through old photos and really transporting ourselves back and really enjoyed what we have done over the last few years.

Reviewing our previous trips

We went over our Vietnam trip such posts about like Nikko Hotel Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh Food Journey, War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City and Ben Thanh Market.

We shared our Hong Kong trip with such posts like Hong Kong Restaurants!, The Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong, Mongkok and Disneyland Hong Kong Fun Times.

Our most popular and favourite experiences our Africa adventure. With such posts like Savanna Private Game Reserve Sabi Sands, Victoria Falls By Helicopter, Franschhoek Wine Tram Tour, Best Things To Do Cape Town and Johannesburg Our First Stop

We were already under way reviewing all our present hotel stays which you could find in this list Our Hotel Reviews and of course there’s more to come

And finally we managed to continue to cover our 1o years in Australia which still has some way to go but here are a few snipets so far. Top 10 Things To Do Gold CoastGold Coast Beach’s Are Stunning, Curtis Falls Waterfall Mount tamborine and Natural Bridge, Springbrook Mountain.

Looking Forward

What’s our hopes for 2021, well firstly and foremost stay safe and hopefully see the light at the end of a tunnel with regards to this pandemic. Continuing to write about Australia and also to get out and about around our home Ireland and explore the beauty we have here right at our finger tips. And fingers crossed by the back end of the year maybe be able to look at a trip abroad. But we will take it one step at a time.

So for now its happy new year thanks for all the support over the last year and we wish everyone the best well wishes for new year.

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Our Hotel Reviews

Our Hotel Reviews

We have stayed in a large amount of hotels in our time. We love taking the time also to give our hotel reviews for other people. We do like a bit of comfort and have some nice to wind down at night. And maybe somewhere with a nice bar for a cocktail or to

For us a good base is essential and to be honest when we are away we are go go go, so somewhere nice to to relax at night is essential.

Here below is a list of all the hotel reviews we have done from our stays

Enjoy reading!!

The Hotels


In the Heart of Mongkok on Kowloon island lies the great Cordis close to the action but still quiet enough


The Nikko, is one of our favourite stays to date. Close to everything in Ho Chi Minh and a 5 star stay without the price tag.


Pull back the curtains and there is Table mountain need we say more. Well equipped rooms and a buffet breakfast to rival any around the world.


A look into the future with this futuristic look at a hotel. Making the most of tight spaces but no compromising on quality. And a robotic bag holder, yes that’s right.


Closet hotel to Victoria Falls, view the spray from your room, wildlife roaming the gardens in front of your balcony. Add to this a restaurant to rival any around the world.


It’s a giant tree house what could you not love about this. Your dreams come true complete with a hot tub looking out over the rainforest.


In the heart of the private game reserve, with wildlife all around you. Full in room bar, giant bath and rainforest showers. And we haven’t even got to the game drives yet.

A Couple Of Tips When Booking Hotels

This may not be where everyone starts but we always research somewhere with a good breakfast. A good hearty and healthy breakfast can set you up for the day. Like I said earlier we are go go go so we need plenty of fuel.

The location is vital yes sometimes it’s nice to be away in the middle of nowhere and to relax but if your going to be on the go try get somewhere close to transport. Near train stations, taxi ranks or even a bus stop. Do your research before hand.

Research reviews compare Trip Advisor, Facebook, Hotels.com and even local guides gather as much info and read through plenty on each hotel it’s the best way to really know what people think.

Now you have booked enjoy the stay

Thanks for stopping by

Let us if you have stayed in any of these. And dont forget to let us know what you think

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Flying Tips For A long Haul Flight

Long haul flight survival

If there is one thing we know and that is a long haul flight. After living in Australia for 12 years and with our families in England and Ireland we had done our fair share of flights 9 trips in fact so that’s each way that 18 flights at over 20 hours flying in each journey. It seems so intimidating the long distance and the time it takes but really when you get used to it its easy and here we have a few helpful flying tips to keep you going.

Here Is The List

Charging of devices

Always keep your phones, tablets and laptops charged. Try not to use them in airports you don’t want to waste battery and there are always shops to keep you entertained in the airport. If you can buy a power bank so you can charge on flights.

Downloads before you fly long haul

Download games, movies, shows long before you fly. Your long haul flight does come with it’s own entertainment package on the screens but be specific and plan ahead if you know a show you love you could get lost in that and the time will fly.

Sleeping on a long haul

One of my best flying tips is always bring noise cancelling headphones with me these are great when you want to sleep you don’t need any music or anything going through them but it does take the edge off the background noise of the plane and helps relax you. I would choose Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II they really do the job.

I also bring an eye mask nothing worse than the person in front of you having there reading light on. With these two simple things it does help give the sense of darkness and peace which is what we all want when sleeping.

Snacks during your long haul flight

Bring snacks muesli bars, crackers etc its always a good way to break up a few minutes. Plus with the plane food not being best there is nothing worse than being Hungary and restless and stuck in your seat. Anything protein packed is always a good idea as it will keep you full for longer.

Always be wary when bringing fresh fruits and that as some countries might not accept certain products at customs. And also some products could be harmful on a destination.

Wash Kit essentials

Sounds silly but a little kit with flannel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Especially after a sleep there is nothing nicer than feeling refreshed. And also its a great way to waste 10 minutes or so freshening up.

Clothing and what to wear

Now this is most important, wear comfortable and loose clothing. Flying is no fashion parade you need to be comfortable and able to relax. I go for comfy trackie pants, loose t-shirt and a comfy jumper. Now I think the jumper is important because the planes, sometime once there up in the air and air con is going can get cold a nice jumper will keep you nice and cosy.

And Finally

Just enjoy it, its will be over in no time and the reward at the end is a nice holiday, a comfy bed or seeing friends so bare that in mind.

Thanks for stopping by, we hoped you enjoyed and found this flying tips post useful.

As always keep those comments coming.

Check out a few of our destinations below which require a long haul flight.

Gold Coast Australia

Hong Kong

Ho Chi Minh City

Cape Town

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Our Bucket List

Bucket List

Lockdown has given us time to think on where and what I still want to do with travel . Here we have put together a few ideas and a list of our top places we have yet to explore but cant wait to do and we made up a travel bucket list. Its a list that’s quite ambitious but I think we can do it.

So hear is our travel bucket list ideas

1. Jordon – Petra

I have always wanted to go to Jordon and especially Petra. The tombs, the temples and the ancient cities, I just think it would be amazing to see. Another Wishlist I always wanted to do would be to swim in the dead sea.

This is a trip we are planning so hopefully before long we will get there.

2.India Road Trip

India is always something my wife and I have always wanted to do. We talk about it every year, I think we just have so much we want to see there we would want a good few months at it.

Being a foody, to travel to different regions and sample my most favoured cuisine would be unbelieveable.

And just the whole Indian culture fascinates us.

When we get time this will be a trip we make.

3.Safari in Tanzania

After our South Africa safari the urge to get out and do one again appeals to us. And the Serengeti is one I reckon needs to be o the list.

4.Bora Bora

Well now who wouldn’t want to go to Bora Bora. Blue waters, beach huts and golden sand.

5.New Orleans

I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. The Jazz music, creole cuisine and the famous Bourbon street just has some kind of appeal to me and I would love to go and find out what its about.

6.Machu Pichu Peru

The trek sounds amazing and well the end result I can only imagine will be unbelievable.

Not sure when we will do this but cant wait until we can.

7.Great Wall Of China

If I’m totally honest photos are as far as I have to to researching this. But from seeing photos I would say the views and the whole experience would be unreal.

8.Angkor Wat Cambodia

Was suppose to do this when we went to Vietnam, but we saved it for another trip. Angkor Wat seems so vast and amazing would love to see it, and would just as much love to see and travel the whole of Cambodia.

9.Trans – Monogolian Railway – Russia to China

This appeals to us as, Russia is a country that intrigues me. And to do a journey that stretches so far and all the different places to stop and explore would be fascinating.

10. Rio de Janeiro

Even as a child I wanted to visit the Copacobana beach and the Christ The Redeemer is a must for any bucket list.

Already Ticked Off Bucket List


We have been so lucky to travel so much and a few that were on this list but we with recently ticked off were. Firstly a safari in the Sabi Sands in South Africa this was a once in a lifetime time chance.

Victoria Falls

Secondly was Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe a waterfall so huge and powerful it has to be seen to believe.

Grand Canyon

And Thirdly would have to be the Grand Canyon we flew in and this was an experience to remember we landed in the canyon for champagne and a moment worth cherishing for ever.

And Finally

Have any thoughts don’t forget to tell us your top 10 in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed reading our travel bucket list ideas

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