Safari Sabi Sands South Africa

Safari Sabi Sands Introduction Years of watching The Lion King and dreaming about a safari trip, could not have prepared me for the experience we were about to encounter on the safari Sabi Sands. This part of our trip was beyond our expectations and I just hope I can do it justice in this post.Continue reading “Safari Sabi Sands South Africa”

Our Africa Adventure (Off We Go)

Africa Introduction Our Plan When we started planning this trip, I wasn’t 100% sold on the destination. It was Richard’s suggestion but as always, I was keen to try somewhere new and different. And am I glad I did!! Africa it was If you ask any group of people, there is a good chance youContinue reading “Our Africa Adventure (Off We Go)”

Savanna Private Game Reserve Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands Game Reserve A Brief History The Sabi Sands game reserve consists of a private group of game reserves and lodges (our stop being Savanna Private Game Reserve). The Sabi Sands runs adjacent to the Kruger National Park. and is its own reserve. Its a 65000 hectare reserve created by local landowners in theContinue reading “Savanna Private Game Reserve Sabi Sands”

The Big 5 Spotting

When We Spotted The Big 5 We were so lucky whilst on our safari to the Sabi Sands to manage to see all of the Big 5. For those of you not familiar with these sightings its Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. The term came from big-game hunters, and refers to the five mostContinue reading “The Big 5 Spotting”