Vietnam Food Journey Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Food Journey Vietnam is widely known for its amazing cuisine and colourful dishes. The freshest of ingredients are bought daily, prepared passionately and served with Vietnamese flair. One thing we enjoyed during our time was our experience of food in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam is a country of financial variations and this isContinue reading “Vietnam Food Journey Ho Chi Minh”

Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing

Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing Sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh is a must a city that is full of so many interesting things to see and do that we were hard-pushed to fit everything we wanted into a week There truly is something for everyone in this diverse city. Although we wouldn’t be huge history fans,Continue reading “Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing”

Vietnam Day Trips From Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Day Trips These incredible Vietnam day trips can be done from Ho Chi Minh city and we would highly recommend each one. Not only do you get a full immersion in the Mekong River itself (not literally!) and Cu Chi Tunnels, but the trips to these destinations and the stops along the way areContinue reading “Vietnam Day Trips From Ho Chi Minh”

Vietnam Adventure – here we come!

Vietnam Adventure Our Vietnam adventure was centred in Ho Chi Minh city which is located in the southern region of the country. Still widely known by its original name, Saigon, both locally and internationally. This amazing city is famous for its major role in the Vietnam War and its is heavily represented and very evidentContinue reading “Vietnam Adventure – here we come!”

Nikko Hotel Ho Chi Minh City

Nikko Hotel Ho Chi Minh We stayed in the incredible Nikko Hotel Ho Chi Minh City and would stay there again without a doubt. With reasonable pricing, we were blown away by the amazing service, high-class facilities and cleanliness of the hotel. Comfort and a high level of cleanliness is so important when visiting aContinue reading “Nikko Hotel Ho Chi Minh City”

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation The Christina Noble Foundation foundation also known as CNCF is a non government organization, which dedicates to serving the worlds oppressed and marginalized children. Formed in 1989 Christina who from a dream she had, during the time of the Vietnam war of Vietnamese children begging for help, decided to visit VietnamContinue reading “Christina Noble Children’s Foundation”

War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City

History Of The Naming A museum run and operated by the Ho Chi Minh City government. The largest war museum Vietnam has to offer. The museum has undertaken 3 name changes. Firstly known as Exhibition House for US and Puppet Crimes and was opened in 1975. Secondly in 1990 the name was changed, dropping theContinue reading “War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City”