2020 Travel Roundup

2020 Travel Roundup 2020 a year like no other, a year the travel industry shut down but regardless with ploughed on with our site and took time to really go back over our past trips and share around our favourite experiences from past years. And here we have our 2020 travel roundup A couple ofContinue reading “2020 Travel Roundup”

Our Top 5 Travel Destinations

Our Top 5 Destinations Our Top 5 Travel Destinations, now this is a hard one we have travelled to all corners of the globe. Seen so many things and done so it a tough one but here we go. Starting at 5 on our must visits 5. Las Vegas Although we are not party goersContinue reading “Our Top 5 Travel Destinations”

How to survive a long Haul Flight

Long haul flight survival If there is one thing we know and that is a long haul flight. After living in Australia for 12 years and with our families in England and Ireland we had done our fair share of flights 9 trips in fact so that’s each way that 18 flights at over 20Continue reading “How to survive a long Haul Flight”