Blackboard Cafe Varsity Lakes Gold Coast

Blackboard Insight With likes of Daark and Elk Espresso, Blackboard Varsity Lakes was one of the first trendy cafes to arrive on the Gold Coast. Initially known for its coffee as being one the best around, Blackboard has develop into a great all round cafe known for its food and coffee. And the premises itselfContinue reading “Blackboard Cafe Varsity Lakes Gold Coast”

Daark Espresso, Gold Coast, Australia

Daark Espresso Insight Set in your typical Queenslander building, Daark Espresso, Gold Coast has grown from a tiny 6 table boutique coffee shop serving snacks, to a newly refurb establishment busy cafe. With the luxury of now dining in or out on the lavish decking looking out at the morning sun. Making Daark one ofContinue reading “Daark Espresso, Gold Coast, Australia”

Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe

Our Favourite Breakfast If your like us and you like a nice crunchy granola in the morning then look no further than this lovely homemade healthy granola recipe. Even better we have added no sugars making it a much better and healthier alternate. You would find a lot of store bought ones would be veryContinue reading “Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe”