Curio Bay New Zealand – Yellow Eyed Penguins

Day Trip To Curio Bay Back in 2008 when we were travelling through New Zealand, over what i can only imagine was a few beers and and a game of beer pong. In a hostel was said to be on New Zealand steepest Road (thats another story). A fellow traveler brought to my attention aContinue reading “Curio Bay New Zealand – Yellow Eyed Penguins”

New Zealand (The Beginning 2008) Pt 1

Where The Travel Addiction Started New Zealand When did my travel addiction start?? Well let me tell you! Back in December 2007 I decided enough was enough, I was fed up of the same old same old. Time to get out I wanted to see the world. I had watched so much on tv andContinue reading “New Zealand (The Beginning 2008) Pt 1”

New Zealand Arrival Pt 2

Part 1 Recap Leaving For New Zealand Before we set off on our New Zealand arrival make sure you check out part 1 first link below So Where were we Part 2 New Zealand Arrival Now, to most people 30 hours on a plane doesn’t seem like fun but the sheer excitement of what liedContinue reading “New Zealand Arrival Pt 2”