Swanbourne Lake Arundel West Sussex

Swanbourne Lake Trip

After a brief visit to my homeland a few years back in 2018 I wanted to visit the beautiful town of Arundel and in particular Swanbourne Lake. Situated in our home county West Sussex. About 1.5 hours from London and about 50 minutes from Brighton

A town we would visit as kids and packed with history as its the location of Arundel castle and home town to the Duke and Duchess Of Norfolk.

As i mentioned we would go there as kids and most memorable moments there were the beautiful Swanbourne lake. We would go there to feed the swans and ducks in the most superb lake situated at the back of the castle. (see map below for precise location)

Arundel Town

We started off with a nice walk through the beautiful streets of Arundel and a visit to a few of the fantastic boutique shops, We checked out Arundel Cathedral and explored some of the fascinating back streets this town had to offer.

Arundel back street
Backstreets of Arundel
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral

We headed back off back down the road in the direction of Swanbourne lake, walking the outskirts of the beautiful looking Arundel Castle. Which sits proudly raised up on the side of the hill making it look and feel so prominent to the town.

Aundel Castle
Arundel Castle

Castle fact : Arundel castle was a medieval castle built on Christmas day 1067 by Robert De Montgomery. the castle is now in the hands of the Dukes of Norfolk and are now open to the public for visits and general tourism purposes.

The lake

We arrived at Swanbourne Lake after a brisk walk and it was just as I had remembered. The wide opened lake being in January was nice and quiet also.

We took to the walking track round the outskirts of the lake taking in the scenery and getting some much needed fresh air

Swanbourne lake
Swanbourne lake from the walking tack
Walk at Swanbourne lake
Getting up high at Swanbourne Lake

We looked out over the lake looking for ducks and swans and could see them floating around over the other side where the main feeding bay for them is. They obviously knew where to be at the right time. We stood back and gazed over which gave us time to remember the good old days.

The lake at Swanbourne lake
A look across Swanbourne Lake

The building in the background is a cafe that is open all year round. We didn’t go in ourselves but we hear the scones, clotted cream and jams are to die for, as well as a range of snacks, treats, teas and coffees. And of course not forgetting the food for feeding the swans and ducks.

View Swanbourne lake
Swanbourne Lake

We followed the walk around and out a different side where we came across streams and old buildings dotted along the walk back to the car.

out buildings

We took a walk back along the side of the lake and followed the walk round. As you can see below the walkways are well maintained and accessible for everyone

swanbourne lake walking tracks

We then came to an old derelict boat house this is where the creative juices started flowing and snapped a couple of great shots of the remains. I love to look at these types of buildings and let the imagination wander of what it was like when this would of been operational many many years ago.

boat house
boat house swanbourne lake

A Summer Hot Spot

In the summer Swanbourne Lake becomes a mecca for tourists and visitors and such attractions like row boat hire are operational in these times making it a great spot for familes to enjoy.

Top tip: A top spot for a bit to eat or a pint is the Black Rabbit Public House and old regular haunt for us to unwind. Serving great pub food and real ales a perfect spot by the river to unwind. Black Rabbit Site

All in all it was a lovely day out was nice to look back at a regular haunt for us and to enjoy a much needed stretch of the legs.

Whilst in this beautiful town here it a few other things you may like to get

A wander round Arundel Castle & Gardens

Arundel Museum a look at the historic and medieval town of Arundel

If you like craft beers your love Arundel Brewery | Award-Winning Craft Beer from Sussex

That will get you started

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37 thoughts on “Swanbourne Lake Arundel West Sussex

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never been to England or a castle before but I’d love to visit someday. The town is so adorable and the walk lake is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It really is a stunning Cathedral isn’t it. And its a wonderful town. When we go home next we will visit again and do some more of the amazing boutique shops, cafes and lovely restaurants and will do another post.

  2. This looks and sounds like such a great place – almost like something out of a fairytale! Totally need to visit one day!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Some great photos, I’m surprised at how empty the streets and walks seem in all of them for 2018. It’d make sense during the pandemic as that would be in a region that was likely a no travel tier 3 or 4 area

    1. Your photos look amazing. I’ve travelled near here so many times it seems and yet I didn’t know these beautiful locations existed. I’ll definitely be visiting when I’m next in the area.

  4. What gorgeous photos. Arundale Castle has been on my visit wishlist for ages but I didn’t know Swanbourne Lake was nearby. I’ll have to bump up my travel wishlist now!

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful, it seems like a lovely place to visit as a family. Seems like a really nice staycation spot for when the world looks a little more normal.


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