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Franschhoek Wine Tram Tour

Franschhoek Wine Tram Tour Day

During our stay in the wine region of Franschhoek we decided to try out the Wine Tram Tour we love wine and this was one of the most exciting parts of our holiday.

There are different tram lines, 8 in all to choose from all with 8/10 stop offs on each one. Meaning plenty of choice for you especially if staying a few days.

Our decision

We decided on the Red Line, for no other reason than it was near where we were staying. This allowed us to be close to our hotel just in case a few to many where enjoyed.

So when you hop off, you could chose to sample wine at each stop otherwise just hang around and enjoy the scenery until the next tram came along.

The trams stopped off every hour, but if you were settled enough in one you could stay put and jump on the next one. However there is a cut off point so be aware, because you could end up stuck at a winery.

Below is a link to the Tram wine Tour website which has all the tours and tram lines for you to look over. This is a great site with plenty of information.

Wine Tram Tour

Our Favourite Wineries

We loved the Maison Winery it was a lovely small place with a very passionate owner who loved his wine and was extremely knowledgeable. As a result we did actually go back the next day to buy some wine.

Another highlight was Dieu Donne , and this was perfectly located a bit up in the hills overlooking the unbelievable Franschoek mountains. Epic views and great wine was always going to be a hit

OUR TIP : If visiting Dieu Donne I would recommend the amazing cheese platter to compliment there lovely wines.

Cheese Platter at Dieu Donne
Vineyards at Maison Winery


About 75 kilometres from Cape Town, Franschoek is a small town with a population of around 15,000.

So the name Franschoek means in Afrikans “the French Corner” with the French influence on the town being there to see.

In 1688 French Huguenot refugees came in and brought with them there wealth of knowledge of agriculture. Because of this many of the wineries even to this day are named after French regions like Champagne and La Provence to name a few.

In recent years Franschoek has become South Africa’s premium food and wine area, many of South Africa’s top restaurants being here. With this can bring great numbers of visiters to this great area.

Our top tip restaurant would be the Monneaux restaurant inside the Franschhoek Country Club and Villas

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    Wine Tram – those two words should be put together more often!😉

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      Exactly right 👍it was some experience and it’s one I will have to do again. I actually only remembered now that had a gin distillery and craft beer company all local to its heaven. I may have to edit the post and add that in actually. 👍

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    Let’s see… Eight trams times 10 stops equals 80 wine samples. That would make for quite a day!

    1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

      I think we only got through 5 stops and had to head back for a afternoon nap

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