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Looking for travel tips on the best food spots and ‘not-to-be-missed’ attractions without wasting precious holiday time…you’re in the right place with this travel couple!

Well and truly bitten by the travel bug, my husband and we started this blog for like-minded explorers and adventurers, to share a quickly growing collective of “must dos” and hidden treasures from around the world.

In our posts, we share with you our top picks in food and cultural adventures as well as any general tips we figured out, (usually the hard way!) on our travels. As a recently married chef and teacher, together we have visited 5 continents and been travelling the world for over 13 years.

We decided to share our finds to inspire others to travel far and wide; to explore amazing destinations and make the most of every trip. As a teacher, I love to research EVERY available activity in a destination from craft markets and cooking classes to visiting orphanages and local townships. My husband, a chef, explores the hottest eateries and local favourites to ensure we try all the tastiest treats and authentic cuisines. Sharing our memories allows us to relive our amazing trips while hopefully enticing others to pack their bags and get exploring!

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A Bit About Us

As I mentioned above, I am a teacher, and was teaching in a primary school on the Gold Coast. I was living in Australia since 2010 when I left home in Ireland to begin my travel adventure. Boy oh boy was I unaware of what the universe had in store for me!

After just a few short months living on the Gold Coast, I met my husband. An English guy with itchy feet and a well-thumbed passport…and I knew it was meant to be. With the added bonus of him being a chef, it a no-brainer.

Together this travel couple have travelled the globe and most recently returned to Ireland to set up home here, and well have a great access to what Europe has to offer.

travel couple in Vietnam

Why We Started A Blog

Although we both love our careers, we view the world and all its undiscovered places, as our playground. Every trip we go on makes us more excited for the next and we finally decided we couldn’t contain this passion within our suitcase any longer.

Once we realised we were looking at our pay packets as travel tokens, we knew it was time to branch out.
Cue…this blog!!

We hope that by sharing with you our experiences, you can take away some tips for upcoming trips or inspiration to go out and buy that ticket!
Life is too short not to make the most of it.
Eat the cake…buy the shoes…TAKE THE TRIP!!!

Before I go, I would like to invite you to follow our Instagram page for regular travel ticklers! 

Thank you for giving us the chance to share our special memories with you.
Here’s to you…and all the memories you are going to make!

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