Victoria Falls By Helicopter

Why we chose helicopter ride

We had just finished our walking tour of the falls and got back to the hotel we sat back at the bar with a coffee still full of excitement from seeing this wonder of the world. We started chatting away about the best bits

All of a sudden we were chatting with the barman. We were telling him everything we saw, until he told us you haven’t seen the falls until you do the helicopter ride.

It was our last day all of a sudden now we felt we had missed out. We looked at each other and thought let’s see if we can get on one this afternoon we didnt even really consider it.

We went to reception and voila “can you be ready to in 30 minutes” 2 second pause ” of course we can” I dont think we even asked the price we just handed the card over and it was booked.

Who We Flew with

We flew with Chikopokopo Helicopters . A great and efficient company organized by our hotel They picked us up from our hotel in a SUV air conditioned car. About 20 minutes drive out from our hotel, the journey once we got a bit close was a bit bumpy but was fine and the helipad was surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Our Helicopter
My all prepared for our flight

The Flight Over Victoria Falls

You can do a short or a long flight, the short being 12 – 15 minutes and the long 25 – 30. We opted for the shorter one as we just wanted to see it and snap it.

We were given a pre video and safety instructions, and again once we were on board all safety instructions were clearly explained and safety checks were taken. No corners were cut here, our minds were totally at ease.

The Flight itself was unreal, I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it. If the falls were a painting they would be a masterpiece. I cant explain how good it is, we flew over and circled round and came back over. Every angle was unreal, even the flight back to base was amazing the pilot pointed out some watering holes were we could see Elephants and Giraffes. I even think we got a few extra minutes so we could see the animals in the wild.

The Falls
The Falls
Elephants in the watering holes

A Brief History Of The Falls

Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. Located on the Zimbabwe and Zambia border and is part of the Zambezi river. Its considered to be one of the worlds largest waterfalls being 1708 meters wide. It is roughly twice the height of Niagara Falls.

There are two national parks around the falls, the Mosi-oa-Tubya National Park being on the Zambian side and the Victoria Falls National Park, being on the Zimbabwe side. Both national parks are registered UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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18 thoughts on “Victoria Falls By Helicopter

  1. Amy Aajee – Pacific Northwest – I am the mom part of family travel blog located in the Pacific Northwest. We love to travel locally and to any Disney destination we can afford. We mostly have a great time, but when we don't, we tell you about that too.
    Amy Aajee says:

    That looks like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    1. It is it’s amazing would recommend to anyone.

  2. Little Miss Traveller – England – An independent traveller writing about her visits to countries near and far - travel diaries and days out providing inspiration for fellow travellers
    Little Miss Traveller says:

    I’d love to do that one day,

    1. It wa an unbelievable experience only 15 minutes long but the best 15 minutes ever. Will be posting about the river cruise we did down the Zambezi rivet later tonight got some great photos and videos.
      Thanks so much for taking an interest

  3. Brooke Ressell – United States – Brooke Ressell is a blogger, freelancer, and the Founder of Blue to Bliss. She is passionate about helping others live their best lives through intentional living and minimalism. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
    Brooke Ressell says:

    How cool! I took a helicopter tour in Florida years ago and loved it so I can only imagine how awesome it is at Victoria Falls. The elephant is the best part in my opinion. Such a neat experience.

    1. Unreal experience indeed it is certainly something I would never forget
      Thanks for commenting

  4. middleagefanclub – Man, husband, dad, teacher, coach, Geordie. Former street dancing champion of Tyne and Wear, guinea pig whisperer, developer of the best-selling fragrance, Pizzazz and alleged liar. Ex male model and a devilish raconteur. No challenge should be faced without a little charm and a lot of style.
    middleagefanclub says:

    That looks incredible. We’ve been to Niagara a couple of times, but never Victoria Falls. One for the list, I reckon! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Its a great one to tick off the list and is a once in a lifetime experience to see it

  5. JoJo’s Cup of Mocha – Hey there, I’m JoJo! I love traveling and exploring different places around the world. I’m always looking for new areas to travel to. Not only do I love to travel, I love to write!
    JoJo Hall says:

    Wonderful post! This must’ve been such an experience, I’d love to do something like this in the future.

    1. It was truly amazing an experience of a lifetime i would certainly recommend and tips you want dont hesitate to ask

    1. Thanks for your comment it certainly is a beautiful spot and would love to go again some day

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