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Disneyland Hong Kong,who wouldn’t want to go ? we did so we bought single-day passes to Disneyland as we felt it was more than enough time to spend at this particular park and off we went.

Disneyland entrance

We had been to Disneyland in California a couple of years back and felt a few days was hardly long enough to fully experience all that park had to offer. Hong Kong’s Disneyland was much smaller and far less busy and I mean far less busy so we got around all the rides we wanted and watched any shows we wished in not even the full day.

It certainly was a smaller park, although we did notice the layout was very similar to the California one. It did still have the same amazing vibe as the other Disney resorts and we thoroughly enjoyed our day spent wandering from one ride to the next. However I would say it was a bit underwhelming being in a larger Disney prior. So maybe as a starter Disney would be a preference here.

Us at Disneyland Hong kong

The Rides @ Disneyland Hong Kong

Hyperspace Mountain formerly known as Space Mountain. Incorporating the Star Wars storyline this indoor rollercoaster has all the thrills, twists and turns that you want from a rollercoaster.

Tip: Avoid the queues use your first fast pass on this because this is where the biggest queues are.

Iron man Experience was a great 3D motion simulation ride which we enjoyed a lot it really is amazing what they can do now.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine cars is fast, exciting with an abundance of twists and turns. One to do before eating maybe. There is a surprise thrown in there also but I wont be a spoiler.

RC Racer is like the old school pirate ship rides minus the pirate ship and in a car. The U shaped track fires you up and down and lightning speeds and again maybe one to do before lunch.

There are plenty more attractions, available in Disneyland. My advice is try them all.

Disney Hotel

If you want to make an overnight stay and do the park in two days there are 3 Disney themed hotels to choose from there is Disneyland Hotel, Hollywood Hotel and Explorers Lodge

We stayed in the city and travelled out for the day. Maybe Tripadvisor may give some insight to which one is best.

Getting There

We used the MTR from Mongkok, after a change you can get on a special Disney train (pictured below). Alternately travel by car, bus, uber or maybe have a chat with your hotel concierge as they may offer a service themselves.

We did find the MTR great fun though and added a little extra excitement to the journey.

the train to Disneyland hong kong
MTR to Disneyland!


We would certainly give it a thumbs up for a great family day out. Like we said if you been to California Disney or even Orlando it probably wont be the same but we would give it a go anyway.

Final Tip: We went end of January and it was very quiet and we hardly had to queue anywhere. So maybe this is a great time to see it.

Disneyland Prices are fairly reasonable and can be booked in advance.

Coming back to the city after a fun day check out some great food spots in the city to refuel.

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