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One note we have taken away from this pandemic has been to appreciate what we have right on our doorsteps and support small business all over the country.

The wanderlust to travel far and see all corners of the globe has and will never change but there is something that has been really therapeutic about getting to know our own surroundings.

Personally we have all suffered but as we enter a stage where maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We say it’s time to get things rolling again.

Support Small Business Drive

Local, small independent businesses have suffered massively and the recovery is not an overnight fix its going to be a hard slog to get back to normal. We have taken it upon ourselves to step out and lend a hand with our very own new section Support Small Business. We aim to highlight the best of all small businesses and bring them to the forefront.

It’s become evermore important to look for local and support small business in all local communities. It could be buying gift, an outfit, a tour of some sort – it doesn’t matter, your local business needs that boost.

support small business

Our Vision For Support Small Business

In this series with interview small businesses, find out what they are about, what they do and what they offer. We will try and get in depth and find out not only about the the businesses, but the people behind them and how it’s been like and how they go forward.

We are going back over past trips and look at local businesses we have used and reconnecting to bring this series.

So stay tuned for new announcements our first business is coming soon and we cant wait to share these with you.

Inform Us

Have a small business or want to recommend somewhere contact us on, Our Contact Page or through our socials below

That’s it for now episode one coming soon!!!!!


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We have already had success with our sections on local small indpendant Restaurants and Cafe on the Gold Coast in Australia. And these are sections we are starting to explore now in Ireland and the UK as well. Again contact us for more info.

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This is a great idea. In America, there’s been a recent push over the past several years to start supporting small businesses more as people realize that they help to define a community. I think we’ve gotten away from that word (community) with some of these huge online franchises and our cities and towns have suffered as a result. There’s even a day dedicated to it now on November 27th, Support Small Business Day…ironically, it was founded by American Express (a large American credit card company) so there is that…but it’s still a good thing to have.

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