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Romantic story Of McDermott Castle Lough Key

Visiting Lough Key for McDermott Castle

One of our favourite places to visit is Lough Key Forest Park. We often spend many a afternoon there exploring the 350 hectare site. What always captures my imagination is the lonely castle ruins lying out in the Lough McDermott Castle.

mcdermott castle lough key
McDermotts Castle in the backfround

The story of Una

So here is a little story what is believed to be the tale of the castle.

Local legend tells the story of a girl called Una, the daughter of the McDermott chief, who fell in love with a boy from a lower class.

Una’s father refused to let her leave the island, in the hopes that this would deter the budding relationship.

A sad ending for Una

Unbeknownst to her father, Una’s boyfriend began swimming across Lough Key to reach the castle. It was during one of these crossings that tragedy struck, and the boy drowned.

It’s said that Una died from grief and that both she and her partner have remained buried beneath two intertwined trees on the island ever since”

Take a visit yourself

Want to see this beautiful piece of history you can take a boat out around the Lough from Lough Key Boats situated on the side of Lough at Lough Key Forest Park.

get to mcdermott castle by Lough key boats
Lough Key boats

Find out some more information about the boats, Mcdermott castle and Lough Key via the Travel Through Ireland website.

Love more history

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Some more historical sites we have found on our travels involve a lot of castles here ar a couple below we have visited.

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