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War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City

History Of The Naming

A museum run and operated by the Ho Chi Minh City government. The largest war museum Vietnam has to offer.

The museum has undertaken 3 name changes. Firstly known as Exhibition House for US and Puppet Crimes and was opened in 1975.

Secondly in 1990 the name was changed, dropping the words US and Puppet and replaced to Exhibition House for Crimes of War and Aggression.

And finally in 1995 and still to this day, is known as the War Remnants Museum. Due to a turn to normal diplomatic relations with the US and the end of the embargo a year earlier.

The War Remnants Museum

This War Remnants Museum certainly isn’t for the faint hearted but the depictions of the brutal occurrences during the infamous Vietnam war, are undeniable.

It was a huge eye-opener for us in regards to the harsh realities of what really went on during the war. Greeted at the entry gates by US armoured vehicles, bombs and infantry weapons, the scene was set for the uncut truths that lay ahead.

In the court yard area, rooms or cells display the inhumane means adopted to hold prisoners (‘tiger cages’), and some of the French mechanisms used at the time such as the guillotine. These scenes leave very little to the imagination and make the harsh realities very feasible in one’s mind.

Inside the Museum

As you move through the museum itself, it is laid out in very distinct sections. Some are artefact based while others are heart-breaking exhibitions of photographs taken during the harrowing days of the war from the ground.

What stuck with me most from our visit, was the images of the innocent children maimed by the dropping of Agent Orange onto Vietnamese soil. It would be advised to stay a few steps ahead of children during this tour due to the explicit nature of the material and perhaps be ready to skip past certain elements if necessary.

Summary Of The War Remnants Museum

In conclusion The trip was a very interesting morning, although tragic it was a great insight as to what happened and we found it extremely interesting as it would of been something I wasn’t truly knowledgeable about.

Museum Details

Opening Times 7:30 – 18:00 Mon – Sun

Cost: Around 15 euros

Tel: (84-4) 39302112


Website: War Remnants Museum

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