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County Roscommon, Ireland located in the midwest. It makes up 1 part of 5 counties of the province of Connaught, alongside Sligo, Galway, Leitrim and Mayo. With 3 main towns Roscommon, Boyle and Castlerea. The county is the 11th largest of the 32 at 2548 sq metres, however 27th largest in regards to population.


County Roscommon Ireland was named after the main town Roscommon. With the word Ros meaning a wooded, gentle height and Comán, the first abbot and bishop of Roscommon.

Roscommon was officially established as a county in 1585

Roscommon county borders 7 other counties Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, westmeath, Longford and Offaly. 

Roscommon is home to one of very few famine based museums in the world. And with castle ruins, monestery and the renowned Rathcroghan which is is a collection of 240 identified archaeological sites. Roscommon is steeped in history

Top 5 Things To Do

1.Lough Key Forest Park

Lough Key Forest Park. a huge 800 hectare park with a whole host of things to do from. Zip lines, boat rides, segways, look out towers and not to mention the stunning walkways a perfect day out for the family.

Catch a glimpse of the stunning McDermots castle nestled on its very own island. Take a boast ride to get up close to this stunning site.

Cafe on site and ample parking makes this one of Roscommon’s premium destinations.

Photo below courtesy  of  Mark The Wateredge Carrick 

2.Strokestown House & Famine Museum

A grade 1 listed building steeped in history.

Daily guided tours around this 300 year old manor house which is still as unique as it ever was.

Also home to the national famine museum. Learn about the history of famine in Ireland in Ireland’s only dedicated famine museum.

The grounds also have a garden walk and there very own walled gardens.

This also the start of the National famine walk. (see our walking guides below for more.

3.Arigna Mines

Arigna Mines was an active coal mine from 1700’s until as recent as 1990.

 In 2003 the mine inspired by a community driven initiative was reopened as a visitor attraction. which since has seen just shy of half million visitors.

The experience documents the countries first and last coal mine. The turs are taken with ex miners so the knowledge is first class.

You can access the mine itself as well as video tours, and writing exhibits.

At the end the a cafe is on site for any refreshments. 

Please make sure you spend a bit of time outside as the locality of the mine has unprecedented views of the Roscommon / Leitrim countryside.

4.Roscommon Castle Ruins & Loughnaneane Park

One of our favourite spots is Roscommon castle, built in 1269 this once castle now in ruins, lies proudly in the heart of Roscommon town.

Its free to roam around and the many signs document the castles past.

The Loughnaneane park is beautiful with, walking tracks, lake and playground a great spot for any family.

5.Rathcroghan, Tulsk

Rathcroghan is known as Connaughts ancient capital. known as being the largest and largest unexcavated royal site in europe.

This impressive landscape boasts 240 archeological sites, of which 60 are protected. The site spans an incredible 5,500 human years.

Many references here are said to be in early Irish medieval manuscripts.

A great place for any history and especially medieval fan.

Walks & Parks

Mote Park

Mote Park, situated 5 minute drive outside the town of Roscommon. A stunning spot for the family to come with many a walking track, forest, and the perfect picnic spot. Easy wlaking conditions as its all pathed a great morning out for all.

The beautiful bluebell walk comes to life in the spring with a sea of bright blue bluebells.

The Famine Way Walk

The famine way walk, starting at Strokestown House and continuing a mammoth 165 km to the Dublin Quay.

The walk is a tribute to those 1490 men, women and children who made the walk during the Irish famine in 1847.

The walk is mainly flat and well pathed, is best taken in sections due to the length of it. The first stage keeping you in the county of Roscommon Strokestown to Tarmonbarry.

Suck Valley Way

The impressive Suck Valley way is an impressive 105km loop walk, forming part of the famous 500km Breifne Beara Way.

The loop takes you through all sorts of terrains, through woodlands, riverbanks and farmland.

Discover derelict building, castle ruins and unprecedented views of this beautiful country side

For Kids

Sensory Me

Situated in Roscommon town Sensory Me brings, Sensory Rooms and soft play areas. featuring a colour changing ball pool, sensory lights and sound room, cinema room and interactive floors and walls.

Catering for all ages even babies sensory me offers something different to the normal play centres.

Specialist classes and workshops are also run on site.

A list of some good playgrounds

Here is a run down on a few of our top playgrounds around county Roscommon.

Loughnaneane Park, Roscommon Town

Castlerea Demense Playground, Somers Park

Boyle Playground, Pleasure Grounds

A Hidden Gem

We have picked one place that normally doesn’t get a mention but are worth while visiting.  

Castlerea Demense

With it’s tiny gated entrance at the square in the town of Castlerea. You would be forgiven for not given it a second look.

But enter and 50 metres in the Demense opens up into this wonderful and surprising park.

A well maintained walking track along the Suck Valley river and meandering through the forest.

Along the way lies a fairy garden, musical area and at the end of the way the local swimming pool and childrens playground. 

Moving further a field is a track leading through the dense forest a great peaceful retreat.

Places To Stay

We have picked our top 3 hotels in Co Roscommon. The 3 we have picked are spread across the county. Click on pictures for more and to have a look direct at these great stays.

Hudson Bay Hotel

Hudson Bay is a 4 star hotel and spa located 10 mins outside Athlone and 20 from Roscommon. Set on the beautiful Lough Ree, with unbelievable views and walks.

Abbey Hotel, Roscommon Town

The Abbey hotel is ideally located in the heart of Roscommon town center. With indoor pool, sports center and restaurant making the Abbey a perfect spot for a weekend away.

Kilronan Castle, Ballyfarnon

A stunning castle hotel, spa and grounds make Kilronan one of the most popular destinations in the area. 

Top quality food in the restaurant and drawing rooms. Also known as one of Ireland’s premium wedding venues.

Restaurants and Cafes

The Old Stonehouse Ballinlough

Set in the heart of this little quaint village lies the Old Stonehouse. One of the most impressive visually aspiring restaurants around and add to that it’s top quality food makes the Old Stonehouse a must.

Advice would be to book 094 964 0332 or Facebook

Rogue & Co

The first name on the list when you think of lunch or breakfast in Roscommon is Rogue & Co. 

Offering something a little different to the normal but not forgetting there roots and a host of classics also.

In the heart of Roscommon town and a big hit with the locals.

To Call 090 6630077 or Facebook

Benny’s Deli

A cafe running since 1981, that’s 30 years says it all. Freshly baked breads, cakes, pastries  and much more, a deli counter serving great snacks. Benny’s also has its own restaurant serving homely food with breakfast and lunch menus available.

There latest addition is the fantastic shop selling local and national pantry and fridge items. With a large focus on organically produced goods.

Lets hope benny’s is around for another 30 years.

Call ahead or to place orders call 094 9620575, or place a online order Website

The Purple Onion

Situated in the lovely little town of Tarmonbarry. The purple Onion is a food destination of high quality.

Fresh locally sourced food with a warm atmosphere. Even its very own art gallery on site.

A destination restaurant with people travelling to visit this resataurant.

To Book 043 3359919


Nearest Airport

Ireland West Airport is the closet airport to county Roscomon for all information see HERE

Alternatively Ireland’s main airport being Dublin again for more info see HERE


Roscommon and Castlerea train stations serve on the Dublin Heuston to Westport line. While Boyle runs the Sligo to Dublin Connolly line for enquiries check HERE


For a list of all the best taxi in the certain Roscommon areas check HERE


Bus Eirean operates runs within county Roscommon. With stops found in most towns. To see timetables check HERE

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  1. Looks like a really interesting area. Growing up in a mining area, I would love to tour the mine. Hoping to visit Ireland later this year in the MH so might get to check it out.

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  10. You have made a complete list of county Roscommon. Roscommon Castle would be a nice place to explore and we’d be interested in the Famine Museum too. Also, Roscommon has plenty of places to roam outdoors.

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  11. I never heard of county Roscommon before but it seems like it’s worth exploring. The Famine Museum, the mine and the ruins of Roscommon castle would be on my list of things to see.

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  16. Roscommon is beautiful! I would love to visit one day. Thanks for this detailed guide!

  17. A lot of history attached to this wonderful place. The list of exciting things to do has simply caught my attention. Vital to mention Roscommon is kids friendly, so that’s a good getaway for everyone!

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